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Alison Armstrong

Alison Armstrong grew up in Edinburgh and has lived
there most of her life. She graduated from University with
a Bachelor's degree in Geographical Science. She spent
her professional life as a teacher in both the primary and
secondary sectors. Competitive by nature, if anyone tells
Alison that she cannot do something she immediately sets
out to prove that person wrong! (Don't ask her about the
time she sang solo in a charity talent contest!) Married to
Alan, they live on their own now that their children have
flown the nest. ‘LUNAdventure - Lost at the Seaside' is her
first picture book and is based on a day at the beach when
one of her children really did become lost at the seaside!


  • LUNAdventure - Lost at the Seaside


    Leaving Mum to put up the beach tent, Luna wanders off to explore the beach with the sea shimmering in the distance. Like a bolt from the blue, Luna soon discovers that she is well and truly lost!

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