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A few words from our authors

Our happy authors is what continues to inspire us.
It brings us great joy to see our ever expanding family of successful authors around the world.

Claire Merchant

Interview: Claire Merchant

Claire Merchant is a talented young author from Western Australia.  She has written several stories surrounding the fictional South Coast, in genres ranging from fantasy and supernatural fiction to adventure, action, drama and romance.  Her first published book, Mistry by Moonlight, is available now.

1. Mistry by Moonlight looks at the changes Taylor Mistry has gone through, leaving her feeling like a different person and trying to figure out who she is. What inspired you to write about this subject? I drew on a lot of personal experience when I wrote this book because I had undergone a similar transformation to Taylor. I think at some point growing up, everyone goes through trying to figure out who they are—we are all continually trying to be the best version of ourselves. A the time I had dropped a few dress sizes and was still trying to line up the concepts of who I thought others saw me as, who I was, and wanted to be, s... Read Full Interview

Kim Smith

Interview: Kim Smith

1. Beowulf is a condensed version of the longest epic poem in Old English, the language spoken in Anglo-Saxon England before the Norman Conquest. What inspired you to bring the legend of Beowulf back to life in this modern translation? In 2008 I produced a set of six wall hangings for the ‘Hall’ at West Stow Anglo-Saxon village in Suffolk. As part of the design process I read various translations of Beowulf in order to pick out pieces of the text to be represented pictorially. I produced the wall hangings in the style of the Saxons, painting with natural pigments on canvas, and it was while working on these that the idea of creating a book using similar illustrations and condensing the story grew. I considered that by producing such a book the story of Beowulf could be made available to a wider audience than that which will read the original poem. 2. You created your own art work for Beowulf, using natural pigments. How did you go about th... Read Full Interview

D.J. Cattrell

D.J. Cattrell’s past writing experience includes plays in various genres and articles on the world of biodiesel and the relevance of Shakespeare within modern day management and business. He now devotes his time to writing for children and his first children’s novel The Bucket is available now.

1. What inspiered you to start writing for children?

I think like many writers of children's stories I began writing for children to keep my own two children amused.  I started writing stories and plays 15 or more years ago when running a Theatre company.  So I believe it was an easy transition really.  This one story grew beyond the normal story games that me and my two girls play and has started me on a journey.


2. How would you describe The Bucket, and who would you say it is aimed at?

I think that the second part of that question is the easiest.  It is aimed at everyone from 8 yrs to 80 (or o... Read Full Interview

Sue Hampton

1. You’ve published seventeen books with us. Where do you continue to get all of your ideas from?

From real life: places I visit and people I meet, ideas I come across. I’m also inspired by my reading although of course I don’t steal a plot or character from anyone else’s book any more than I write a real person into a novel – very dangerous. THE JUDAS DEER came from seeing a white deer in the forest near where I live, so sometimes it’s that simple. Something happens to me and I have to develop and reshape it into a story.


2. What motivates you to continue writing?

I love writing so I want readers to feel as passionate about my work as I do. I don’t feel quite complete or happy unless I’m progressing with a book. And of course I believe in the power of stories because I’ve felt it myself, as a reader, teacher and writer. Stories can change lives!


3. Your latest book, C... Read Full Interview

Roger A. Price

A former police officer, Roger Price has first hand knowledge of the world of covert operations. Now retiered from the police force, he channels his experiences into writing crime novels. His first two books, By Their Rules and A New Menace are available now in paperback and ebook.


1. How much of your work is based on/inspired by events during your time working for the police?

A lot of my experiences came from the sneaky world of ‘Covert Policing’ so I have to be careful I don’t use real situations in my fiction; but that doesn’t stop me from basing my stories from fact. I do use many real procedures in my writing, but I also make up as many. Fleming used to do this very well in his Bond books; and if it was good enough for him…


2. Other than your work, what else inspires you?

Everyday situations. I never plot ahead too much, sometimes I let the characters decide, and other times... Read Full Interview

Zoe Anna Torres

Zoe Anna Torres lives and works in Gibraltar, where she enjoys cooking and made it to the final of the Gibraltarn version of Masterchef. This has inspiered her to create her first cookery book, The Rock's Kitchen, which combines mouthwatering recipies with stunning photographs and includes information on the history, culture and customs of Gibraltar.


1. What inspired you to write The Rock’s Kitchen?

I have always had an ambition to become a cookbook author because of my passion for all things culinary.  Thanks to the successful experience in Rockchef (Gibraltar’s version of Masterchef) I proved to myself my high level culinary skills and I decided I would take the final leap and start writing.


2.  What is your favourite recipe from the book?

My favourite recipes fall into two categories.  Those that my family, friends and I would enjoy eating the most and those that I love becaus... Read Full Interview

Stephanie Dougan

Stephanie Dougan's debut novel, The Luminous Illusion, was released on the 25th February. The Luminous Illusion is described as a dystopian, Young Adult novel, and is available to purchase via Amazon, directly frm ourselves, and is also being stocked on the shelves of Stephanie's local Waterstones, with a book signing to follow! Stephanie took the time to answer a few questions with us.


1. How would you describe The Luminous Illusion, and who would you say it is aimed at?

I would describe it as an Orwellian dystopian with romanticised elements found in popular teen/YA culture today. I think The Luminous Illusion can also be enjoyed by adults as the genre is one that transcends across all ages.


2. What inspired you to write The Luminous Illusion?

It began with a nightmare. It was one of those really annoying dreams that sticks with you all day, one of those ones that you bore your family and friends wit... Read Full Interview

S.F. Chandler

S.F. Chandler's debut novel, We The Great Are Misthought, is set to be released on the 24th March 2016. It is the first in a historical trilogy based around the life of Cleopatra's daughter, Cleopatra Selene.


1. How would you describe We the Great are Misthought, and who would you say it is aimed at?

It’s a historical fiction tailored around the actual events surrounding Cleopatra’s daughter’s struggle for restoration and vengeance. It showcases the conflict, gore, politics and injustice of Ancient Rome. It meets a wide range of genres (adventure, history, romance). Lovers of historical fiction would be drawn to this era.


2. What inspired you to write about this era in ancient history, and Cleopatra Selene in particular?

Since I was a child I’ve loved old movies like ‘The Robe, Cleopatra and Ben Hur’. They ignited my fascination with this time period. Whilst I was re... Read Full Interview

Sarah Elliot

Sarah Elliot began writing her own stories after being diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of ten, as a way of keeping up her skills. Her first novel, A Simple Wish, was published by Pegasus in November 2014. Now her second novel, and first in a new trilogy, is set to be released at the end of this month. Volf: Silver is a supernatual romance story set in a world of vampires and werewolves.


 1. How would you describe Volf: Silver, and who would you say is the target audience?

Volf: Silver is a book about learning to accept that no matter what you think you are there is someone out there who can understand you and will cherish and love those aspects of you. Ekata is a young girl who has always been told that she was worthless, unlovable, a dangerous creature who would destroy everything but here she discovers that she is far more than that and she has the right to make her own choices and make herself a better person because of it, as wel... Read Full Interview

Jacky Edwards

Following the death of her baby daughter, Jacky Edwards transformed her life. From a single mother with no qualifications, she worked her way up to becoming a fully qualified nurse. Her debut book recounts this journey, and the charachters she met along way. In her interview she tells us a little bit more about her book and some of the highlights from her career.


1. How would you describe The Sky Is Not The Limit, and who would you say it is aimed at?

I would describe my book as an autobiography, but not as you'd know it. The autobiographical components serve as a bedrock of the story, which is ultimately about the amazing, hilarious, tragic but always larger than life characters that I've met during my career as an Intensive Care nurse. I would say it's aimed firstly at anyone who feels that their low starting point will prevent them fulfilling their dreams, but apart from that, It would be enjoyed by anybody at all who just likes a ... Read Full Interview

Jane Gill-Wilson

Jane Gill-Wilson has been writing poetry for years. Previously she has published two collections entitled Raw Emotion and Out of Darkness. Now she is releasing a humourous, entertaining and insightful look into the world of online dating - told entirely in rhyme, of course! Candid Diary of a Dating Dame is due for release on the 28th July. 


1. How would you describe Candid Diary of a Dating Dame, and who would you say it is aimed at?

Candid Diary of a Dating Dame is exactly what the title implies; an honest account of my thoughts and experiences after signing up to an online dating site, aged fifty plus. The theme of my book draws on the more mature aspect of 'menopausal' dating, and finding yourself alone in later life; they are real stories told in rhyme. I hope that it will appeal to anyone who has experience of online dating, and the curious amongst us who may be considering it, especially middle aged ladies like myself. Alt... Read Full Interview

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