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Click, Click Bang!

Tony Alleyne

Other than having three points on my driving licence many years ago, I had never committed a crime or been on the wrong side of the law.

As far as computers were concerned, I was pretty much a late learner - being well into my forties when I bought my first desktop computer.

I was truly amazed at the internet and what could be learnt - opening up a world of information. I had become a member of the net-surfing fraternity.

As time went by, I learnt more about computer skills and, along with many of my friends, I was soon downloading extra software, programs and classic movies onto my computer.

All was going brilliantly until Tuesday 4th September 2012 when, with just two clicks of the mouse, my life changed dramatically.

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I was born in Leeds, West Yorkshire during the 1950s and was one of four brothers to what was then referred to as mixed marriage parents - mum being Caucasian and from the UK whilst my dad was Afro Caribbean from the West Indies.

After my school days and following a stint in The Royal Navy, I became a professional Disc Jockey which later led me into record producing - experiencing a modicum of chart success, but nothing life changing.

A marriage break-up followed by a long period of depression resulted in me undertaking a project in 1998 which would have a significant effect on my life!