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A Glimpse Beyond the Aether

Susan Frances

The greatest mystery of all is now an irrefutable fact.


Scientists in a Brain Trust have eradicated most of the disease, poverty and hunger that exists. In this overcrowded world, technology that can raise the dead is strictly forbidden.


When the Brain Trust is wiped out by a natural disaster, World President Marsha Holt decides that humanity cannot be without our benefactors, and gives the order to bring them back from the other side.


The Earth is not ready, and likely will never be ready for the revelation of what happens to us when we die.


Four scientists travel a path no human being should ever travel.


Every question is answered...Beyond The Aether.

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Susan Frances was born in Queens, New York, but lived with her husband and raised their children in New Jersey.

Susan says, "All things science fiction have always interested me. Stephen King, Kurt Vonnegut and others like them draw me in, but I always look for that spiritual edge in stories."