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Escaped From Syria

Sarah Hussain

Escaped From Syria is an emotional and heartbreaking story of a girl who has lost her family in a chemical weapons attack in Damascus. When bloodshed and rioting break out in her hometown Latifa is raped by a masked solider and left feeling vulnerable.


She is a strong-minded woman from an educated Syrian family and understands that she has to travel many miles across many borders to escape to safety.


Can Latifa escape from Syria and take control of her life, knowing that there is injustice taking place in her hometown, knowing that innocent children are being slaughtered?

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Sarah Hussain was born in England in 1985. As well as being a proud mother and wife, she also completed a BA Honours Arts of Literature in 2008 and began writing short stories and poetry soon after. Having completed a PGCE with ESOL Specialism, Sarah began teaching English to speakers of other languages in 2009. She is currently studying an MA Education and still lecturing in ESOL.


Sarah Hussain on KLTV: