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King Grok

Robert Quantrill

King Grok has taken over as king of Serringfield. The kingdom once ruled by the gentle King Gerald, now has Grok in charge... and the magical creatures that live there are in despair! Grok sits in his throne all day, eating food that he demands from the nymphs and fairies, tormenting them and spreading lies amongst the magical community. Creatures that used to be friendly to each other are now enemies - giants against fairies, fairies against nymphs, nymphs against giants, and on it goes. And anyone who complains seems to ‘disappear'; just like King Gerald did.


But there is one little wood nymph who is determined that things have to change. Jessicho can't stand this situation any longer. But can one little nymph beat the dreaded King Grok?

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Robbie Quantrill is a school teacher from Essex, who has a passion for creative writing and teaching English. He finds inspiration when writing stories with his pupils, no matter how quirky the stories are, and thrives on looking through the world of his pupils' eyes. After teaching for many years in a school, he now teaches in his own tuition company in Hornchurch, which gives him plenty of time to write and be creative. He has previously self-published his stories, and also his pupils' stories, online.