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A Cast of Hawks

Richard V Frankland

A knife at his wife's throat and his two young daughters gagged by rough hands; Ian Vaughan spun round in alarm only to be knocked unconscious by the stranger he had just helped. Isolated and forced to sail a yacht across the Atlantic at the mercy of sadistic maniacs, Vaughan knows he must not anger his captors, whose comrades are holding his family hostage but, his innate sense of duty compels him to figure out a way not only to escape, but to stop the deadly plan that they are executing.Vaughan's quick-thinking and bravery help fuel suspicions that have been aroused amongst friendly parties both in the UK and USA who must gamble on the scant information they have to fit together all the pieces of the puzzle before the plan comes to its deadly conclusion.

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Richard’s early working life was as a construction engineer, a career that took him abroad to work in Zambia and Jordan for one of Britain’s leading consulting engineers. Returning home he joined a major japanese corporation, administering large civil and industrial projects in Europe, Africa and the Far East. It was during this period that he had the idea for his first novel and early chapters written. A career change, to help run a small family business, gave him the time to read for a Masters Degree in Maritime Studies, a subject that had been of lifelong interest to him. It was due to the encouragement of his wife and friends that he took up writing again completing his first novel, A Cast of Hawks, which was published in 2010. The sequel, Batsu, followed in 2012 and the third book in the Ian Vaughan thriller series, Shadows in Sunshine, was published in January 2015 followed by In Treacherous Waters last year. Shadows Beneath The Long White Cloud continues Ian Vaughan’s adventures. He is currently writing the sixth book, presenting further challenges for his hero to overcome.