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Felix Finds his Fortune

Richard Thomas Carey

Felix is a poor but kind-hearted country mouse living in the harsh English countryside. With winter on its way, he decides that maybe it is time to make a new life for himself so heads off to London where he meets many characters throughout his long journey, who help him along his way. As he arrives in London, he meets a Raven Master, a fishmonger, and a milkmaid, all of who he helps to rid some pesky cats, in return for some food and shelter. On Christmas Eve, Felix is caught in a snowstorm but manages to find shelter for the night in a doll's house in the most famous toy shop in the world. Little does Felix know that he is in for a surprise when the doll's house is given to the princess for Christmas. When the princess opens her Christmas gift, she finds Felix inside where she is overjoyed and introduces him to her pet mouse Wilomena. It's love at first sight for both Felix and Wilomena and as he reflects on his journey, he realises that he has indeed found his fortune, recognising that a fortune isn't all about money & wealth but love, happiness, and kindness.

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Richard grew up in Southern England and as a child enjoyed carefree days of playing in mud and climbing trees and allowing his imagination to grow from the sights and surrounds around him. Richard has always loved stories of kindness and happy ever afters and always ends his own stories with positive thoughts of encouragement and compassion in some shape or form.