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This is Reality 2

DJ Macleod

This is Reality 2 is a collection of unique poems, inspired by the daily goings-on in the life of the author. With controversial opinions and topical events across a wide range of subjects, there is something in here for everyone. From depression to dreams, the garden shed to the Middle East, using charm, humour and wit, Macleod has managed to portray everyday events in a well-written and humorous compilation of poems.

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I was born and grew up in small town in the Highlands of Scotland. On leaving school in the mid-fifties I went to work on a farm for a time. Thereafter I went into the building trade and after a while trained to be a bricklayer. Eventually I became a self-employed building contractor, and reached the dizzy heights of employing one man, and the proud owner of a small yellow lorry and cement mixer.

I married young and my wife, Audrey, and I had two sons. In 1992, I received a back injury which did not heal, and rendered me unable to continue with my building business. By this time my wife and her sister had bought a small dress shop in a nearby town. Not long after my accident my youngest son started a furniture and curio shop, I helped out the best I could. At that time I also trained as a hypnotherapist. This occupation could only be described as a hobby. Yet it turned out to be a very rewarding experience for me, as I met so many honest genuine people, which were a constant reminder of how wonderful the world ‘could' be.

During my life I was always a keen reader, and writing became a regular pastime. Needless to say, much of my early work was of a quality that I was glad to see shredded.

Although I intended my poems to be food for thought, I never intended them to be ‘obscure' and if any reader finds them so, I apologise as I have not done this intentionally.