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As Below, So Above

Julian Collins

As Below, So Above is a book of poetry meant to instil a postmodern sense of Greco-Roman self that can sustain the reader through an emancipatory struggle. Delving into the depths of the Classical Underworld, author Julian Collins takes the reader on a visceral poetic adventure from the depths of Hades to the cockpit of a kamikaze pilot. From the betrayed voice of Lady Liberty to the napalm-covered fields of Vietnam. From the Catacombs of Paris to the burning palisades of Fushimi Castle. Through persona poems where he speaks from the perspective of another, haiku sets that enlighten and stream-of-consciousness, spoken word style poetry that engulfs the reader in an esoteric haze, Julian Collins aims to redefine the reach of modern poet. For As Below, So Above is not just a book of poetry - it is a spiritual declaration of revolutionary fidelity that transcends the page, the pen, and the poet.


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Julian Collins is an IT student currently living in Durham, North Carolina. Coming from an old military family, he was taught from a young age that the collective is more important than the individual. Due to health issues, however, he has never been able to serve in the military. But that has not stopped him from writing. Julian Collins received the John Foster West Scholarship in Poetry while attending Appalachian State University in 2011. In 2012, he attended Occupy Wall Street's September 17th protests alongside several other students from Appalachian State. Occupy was an international egalitarian movement that was highly critical of unbridled capitalism, corporate welfare, and American imperialism. The experience made a huge impression on Collins, as seeing so many people mobilized for revolutionary direct action made him long for even more auspicious undertakings. Julian Collins does not just write for himself; he writes for the nascent Revolution.