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Belisarius: Military Master of The West

Peter Keating

Success breeds enemies.

Constantinople, 533. Emperor Justinian charges General Belisarius with a mission, to bring Vandal held North Africa back into the imperial fold.

Set in the Golden Age of Byzantium, this is Belisarius' account of his early life in Middle Dacia, his rise through the ranks of the Roman army, epic battles with the Persians and the fight for control of lost Mediterranean lands. But in Byzantine politics, sometimes the enemy within is as dangerous as one on the field of battle.

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Peter Keating read Ancient and Medieval History at Royal Holloway College, London. After obtaining a 2.1 Honours degree, he worked in a variety of industries, lectured at evening classes, taught history at secondary school and self-published several history study guides for students (GCSE, A-level). Simultaneously, he continued researching the early Byzantium Empire and wanted to pass on his passion for the period using the medium of fiction. He felt that while historical figures can be rather daunting for a reader, they could be brought to life in historical fiction. Belisarius: Military Master of The West is the first of five novels covering this exciting but little-known era in European history.