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White Magic: A Holistic Guide to Self-Initiation

Elana Muriels

Everything you ever wanted to know about white magic (the good magic) and all that's associated with it, explained in clear, meaningful detail by an author who is a recognised expert on the subject.


White magic is described as a modern pagan religion and typically consists of prayers, ritual and benevolent spells often including objects thought to bring luck to the carrier, using talismans or crystals.


This book covers everything about our universe from the building blocks of time and tide, to those of sacred geometry and the heavenly bodies that can play a huge part in our everyday lives through astrology.


If white magic plays a big part in your life, you will discover the joy in simple things and that life has far more meaning.


An inclusive step by step guide to magical initiation complete with exercises and do it yourself instructions on how to create rituals and write your own spells, which will allow you to address needs not specifically stated in an ‘off the shelf' spell. This is the most comprehensive guidance you will ever read.

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Elana Muriels is an author, aromatherapist and creative arts facilitator running workshops for voice. She has provided a service as high priestess for both large ceremonies at events and within smaller circles and at other times has been a solitary practitioner. She approaches the subject of magic holistically, looking at the interrelated parts in harmony with one another and with the focus always upon well-being and positive growth.