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In The Dog House

Christine Cornforth

Written from the heart and mind of a true dog lover, Christine Cornforth tells it how it is, not only to own a dog but to understand them. There are many breeds of dog with all sorts of different temperaments and traits. Centred on her love of Great Danes, Cornforth openly tells of the trials and tribulations encountered with a sense of humour - after all, dogs are fun and like it or not they are a part of the family.
This is not only a story of the life of the animals that Christine Cornforth has owned but an owner's manual which every dog owner should have. Experienced dog owner or not, there is a great deal of ‘knowhow' that any new owner would do well to read. 
Compelling, informative, good days and bad days . . . it's all here.

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Christine was born in Lancashire, and lives there today with her family. Her interests are dogs and animals in general, arts and crafts, and antiques. She has a distinction in Canine Studies, and took part in a canine aggression course. Christine is interested in dog welfare and the relationship between human and dog.
In writing this book, she hopes it will be an enjoyable read, and give a better understanding of the behaviour of dogs.