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From Stonehenge to Brexit - The Making of Britain

Michael Smith

From the might of the Roman Empire, to the wildness of the Vikings and the Celts, to the victories and defeats of the many wars fought on land and at sea, Great Britain has emerged as a leading global power. 

Michael Smith writes about Britain's history with clarity and excitement - charting its path from a small sea-going nation to the greatest industrial and maritime power in the world. Its present challenge with Brexit is only the next step in Britain's continuing story - and as it seeks to restore its strength as an island nation once again, it is supported by its rich history and the long lasting traditions that form its foundation.

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Michael Smith is a retired New Zealand lawyer living in Nelson New Zealand. He has a long standing love of British history nurtured by frequent visits to Britain. From Stonehenge to Brexit originally began some years ago as a private project for his own benefit before developing into its present form. It is his first published work.