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Hilary Downey

Through the symbolism of mythology and beliefs, CentreStone provides an overview of our journey to Earth and looks at our Spiritual Legacy which is our heritage.


The focus of CentreStone is the keystone to accessing this Spiritual Legacy. Available to all people, it is reached through the buried message of mythology, the soul's memory and spiritual inspiration.


Great teachers have always come to the Earth to contribute long lasting wisdom that influences following generations, their legacy of teaching occasionally named after them. Often prophets, their message focuses upon the progress of all people. Their aim is to advance civilization because a civilized culture embraces all aspects of man's nature. Society is then shaped by the spiritual qualities of its people - their finest attributes.


"Truth is wider and deeper than the oceans of sky and water and is essential for progress to a more enlightened state."


"I would not send one soul into the desert without a guiding light because the journey is harsh, sustenance is meagre and the way is confusing. Where-ever the souls whom I love go, I send a guiding light to accompany them along their way."


CentreStone is Hilary Downey's fourth book, following LeapFogHeartFelt and ColdLight.

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Hilary Downey (P.G.Dip.Trad.Ch.Acu.) was born in New Zealand, where she continues to live; working as a self employed Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist and Tik Dah Bonesetter, while writing about what is close to her heart.  In her early years, she was a schoolteacher and had a family of three children that has expanded to five grandchildren and three great grandchildren.