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But To Own The World

Michael Sutton

Jack Buckstone is a lad with a dream. He starts his adventure by lending small amounts of money to his school friends and through wise investment and strong guidance his wealth grows. A meeting with two computer wizards helps him on the road to becoming an incredibly wealthy man. He decides to move on from 'electronic banking' and starts to build his own chain of exclusive hotels for the seriously rich elite in exotic and remote parts of the world. His wealth grows and nothing appears outside his reach. Marriage and fatherhood strengthen his resolve and he continues to press on to bigger and better schemes. Even a shopping centre is added to his list of businesses. When his wealth is at its peak he decides to help the African people. Education, training and guidance make a huge difference to the poor and needy. Australia next, off to help the Aborigines... You can become a millionaire but Jack discovers no man is an island.

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Michael Sutton is a retired scientist and businessman, well travelled and educated. With a busy social life he performs three times a year singing in amateur concerts for 'Singing For Fun' and St Mary's Theatre Group. He is also a member of walking and bowling club. A Christian, he wrote The Holy Trible as Jesus Christ - a must read for all Christians. He recently returned from Cuba where he danced and sang with three groups of singers and swam with dolphins and even caught a barracuda big game fishing.