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Mark Durman

It's 1988. For the previous few years, there has been an easing of tension between East and West. In December, Gorbachev makes a speech declaring major Soviet troop withdrawals from Eastern Europe. However, many US and UK analysts are sceptical and fear the West is being duped. There are disturbing intelligence reports that support this fear. Can the Soviets be trusted?


Colonel Peter Chambers works for NATO. He is tasked with the mission: verify the facts. Chambers is a dedicated intelligence professional but he faces major challenges in his personal life. He is sent to East Berlin where he uncovers evidence of an effective disinformation campaign to reignite East-West tensions. As the story unfolds, he finds himself in mortal danger. Will he make it back home? Can he complete his mission?

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Mark Durman is a former British Army officer who served on operations in several parts of the world. After taking early retirement from the military, he was a director for Europe, Middle East and Africa for an international security company. He is a graduate of Politics and Economics and of the British Army Staff College, Camberley and the NATO Defence College, Rome. He currently divides his time between Alicante and Paris.