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Cash in Transit

Mark Durman

Christian Chambers is the newly appointed European Head of Security for Securcoy, a US company that supplies cash to banks.
There's a vicious ram raid attack on the company's branch in Luxembourg. The manager is brutally killed and over twenty million euros are stolen. It's Christian's job to recover the money. His ruthless CEO gives him an ultimatum: retrieve the cash quickly or lose your job. He is confronted not only by a murder charge against himself, a demanding boss and a jealous rival, but also by nightmares that haunt him from his recent military experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan.
As Christian pursues the robbers to France then Spain, he is forced to accept the assistance of Valerie Cunningham, an arrogant yet attractive loss adjuster for Securcoy's insurance company. Their relationship, and their deep personal confessions to each other, are exposed as the pace of the investigation quickens.

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Mark Durman is a former British Army officer who served on operations in several parts of the world. After taking early retirement from the military, he was a director for Europe, Middle East and Africa for an international security company. He is a graduate of Politics and Economics and of the British Army Staff College, Camberley and the NATO Defence College, Rome. He currently divides his time between Alicante and Paris.