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Age is Just a Number - Relationship Commitments

L.I. Beer

Elspeth is a forty-something-year-old widow with nearly grown-up children. Unexpectedly, she finds love again at a friend's party, in the form of Rupert, a successful business owner.

When Rupert is hospitalised after a motorbike accident, she fears the worst. Luckily, Rupert survives and proposes to Elspeth, which she gladly accepts. The couple celebrate their engagement with a holiday to France, where Rupert owns a holiday home.

Back home from holiday, reality bites, with a new job for Elspeth at Rupert's factory, and although she is excited about being able to work side by side with her intended, she is worried about what her new colleagues might think. Especially Jasmina - a former girlfriend of Rupert's - who seems more than happy to stir up trouble.

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I am in my forties, married to a lovely man and we have two young adults. We live in the beautiful countryside of Devon which has been my home since I was born. I attended the local schools in the catchment area for our village and had a good education. I have done several jobs over the years and at present I work as an HR Administrator in the public sector. The reason I started writing was to help me recover from depression, as I wrote I found a new lease of life in my enjoyment of writing.