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Age is Just a Number - New Beginnings

L.I. Beer

Elspeth Michaels has been a widow for five years with two young adults; Rupert is a bachelor and they both meet at a dinner party given by mutual friends. As with all relationships, nothing ever goes smoothly, especially among the family dynamics as the relationship intensifies.


Will Elspeth's ideas for Rupert's factory products be successful and will this cause him to admire her, or cause problems around Elspeth's perceptions of why he continues the relationship?


Will the young adults accept Rupert as their mum's partner or will they rebel, causing uneasiness and unhappiness? Does the young adults' reaction to the relationship bring the couple together?


When Elspeth's daughter begins to find romance she can understand her mum's feelings for Rupert, but will she be more understanding of their relationship?

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I am in my forties, married to a lovely man and we have two young adults. We live in the beautiful countryside of Devon which has been my home since I was born. I attended the local schools in the catchment area for our village and had a good education. I have done several jobs over the years and at present I work as an HR Administrator in the public sector. The reason I started writing was to help me recover from depression, as I wrote I found a new lease of life in my enjoyment of writing.