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A Life's Work

John T. Leonard

Oliver Bennett was only five years old when his mother was brutally raped and murdered and he came face to face with her killer.

Oliver has a strong and loving relationship with his father, but his childhood is deeply troubled despite psychological therapy and counselling. When Oliver decides to join the police force, his father is hopeful that Oliver has found a way to come to terms with his mother's death.

But Mary Bennett's killer has been released into the community after serving a life sentence. A murderer is free to live his life despite having cruelly ended a mother's life and forever blighted a child's future.

Has Oliver joined the police to dedicate his life to law and order, or does he have a more sinister motivation?

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Vindicated was Leonard's first completed project since gaining a publisher, Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie, in 2018.
His first title to be released by them, A Life's Work, was in fact his third novel written. Since then, they have re-released his second novel, Primus, in 2019, and most recently, his tenth title, Fallen Victim.

Despite this significant progression in his writing career, Leonard still works full-time within the police, although at the time of writing Vindicated, he was not on the frontline, as his anxiety had temporarily forced him into a non-operational role. He has now returned to full operational duties.

However, it is still his ambition to one day retire from full-time employment and to commit himself to writing on a professional level.

As a result of Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie's efforts to publicise his releases, Leonard has been the focus of a local newspaper article, as well as being interviewed on BBC local radio.