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The Abduction

John Reid

A soldier retires from the army and is recruited into a mysterious government unit and a young woman is abducted and murdered. These completely separate events become central to DCI Steve Burt´s latest and most devastating case.
DCI Steve Burt, whose Special Resolutions Unit is under threat of closure by his new boss, is reluctantly given the abduction case which soon becomes a murder investigation.
The abducted girl is the daughter of a high court judge, who is told his daughter will be returned if he finds the defendant in his current trial not guilty, but Steve thinks the man on trial isn't important enough to have a judge's daughter kidnapped. Something isn't right, but what?
The young woman's death takes the DCI on a journey involving murder and corruption and the team begin to unearth apparently unrelated events that, when put together, draw them back to a previous investigation.
Meanwhile one of Steve´s officers feels there is a different side to the investigation and decides to follow her own course of action without supervision, with disastrous consequences.

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The author was born in Scotland and, after serving in the Army, embarked on a career in industry.
He has worked in several different sectors in senior roles and was latterly CEO of a large international data capture company.

He retired for the first time in 1995 to take on a consultancy designed to help new businesses become established.

In 2018, he finally retired from business life to become a full-time author.

John lives in Scotland and Portugal with his wife and they have two grown-up sons.