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The Fun Packed Adventures Of Alfie & Frank

John Martin

Following Alfie's mysterious disappearance at Christmas with his one-eyed teddy called Frank in The Magical Tales of Alfie and Frank, they are found safe and well although not without causing a great deal of upset to Matron and her trusted staff.
To try and forget the stressful time and trauma they had all suffered, Angela and her husband Cyril take Alfie away to Paris for a short winter break.
Unsure of the monster laden channel tunnel Alfie was awestruck by all the sights and sounds around him. When the flesh-eating monster turns out to be none other than his old friend, the kind policeman, things take a turn for the worse, in more ways than one.
Alfie's first venture into a foreign country with his friend Frank showed him what life was like outside the Home. His blond hair and engaging smile were much admired by all, but he knew how to turn the charm on to his advantage, with some astonishing results.

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John Martin has spent most of his working life in the financial services sector and always had a passion for developing fictional plots and stories. Now, as a retired company director, he has had time to put pen to paper, and bring his stories to life.

John lives in the UK with his wife and two grown-up daughters.