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The Orb Within

Jane Helen Croft

Gemma Underwood is a renowned psychic. She's wealthy, contentedly single, and living with her adult daughter, Mia, in their hereditary home, Walnut Manor. 

Along with her psychic healer business partner, and best friend, Lisa, Gemma follows a hectic work schedule. Her agenda lends no time for romantic interludes. When the suave charactered Robert Langton unexpectedly appears on the scene though, and cunningly manipulates his way into her heart, it's not until the pair are married that Gemma realises there's something very amiss about her new husband.

As The Orb Within leads its readers into a sickening world of debauchery, incest, and witchcraft, we follow Gemma's desperate bid to expose Robert's darker side. But whereas her bestowed gift enables her to easily dispel malevolent entities, dealing with real life evilness turns out to be beyond her capabilities. 

Can Gemma's earthbound companions, and spiritual allies assist in her quest? 

Will Robert get his comeuppance?

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Born in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, UK, but spending her childhood, and early adult years in Lincolnshire, Jane Croft now resides in Tasmania, Australia. Following a series of life changing events, it wasn't until her late forties that Jane discovered her hidden talent for writing, not only was it an invaluable therapy tool that freed her imagination though, it also turned out to be the key that unlocked certain repressed memories... recollections of her own encounters with the spirit world. 

Other than writing, Jane is an amateur gardener, and also enjoys spending time with her close-knit family.