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The Gentle Dominant

J. L. Thomas

J L Thomas shares with us a compilation of three romantic and erotic short stories. She hopes that these introductions to her writing will set your pulse racing and stir your mind into a whirlwind of hedonistic emotions.

The Unravelling of Theo tells the enchanting tale of Theo's desire to capture the woman that he is convinced has always been his soul mate - Eden. While she is pursued by him, she finds herself not only being drawn into him by his physical handsomeness, but she also finds herself fast becoming enveloped within his entire being.

The Gentle Dominant divulges to us a secret dominant on a quest to find the perfect submissive. It is at the première of his movie where he sees such a woman, and within the moments that follow something powerfully magnetic shifts within the air between them.

Forever Yours reveals a tale of two lovers, who once were living oceans apart. After having jumped over all the obstacles that were placed in their way, and having broken down all the barriers that had prevented them from being together, their bodies and souls finally join as one.

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J. L. Thomas hopes that her tales of love, romance and passion will capture the reader's imagination and transport them into the beating-heart of the story. She hopes you all enjoy her reads.

The Gentle Dominant reviewed by The Lifestyle Blogger UK