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Skelp The Aged

Ian Hopkins and John Duignan

Mungo and Ethel live in genteel poverty in the decaying family villa. In one moment of madness out of many in his life, Mungo borrows from loan sharks to fund the dream of a little place in the sun, fortified by warm nights of samba-ing and even warmer tonic wines. Placing their trust in an estate agent - another moment of madness - their home is put on the market at a knock-down price, and new sets of sharks - hunting in pairs and scenting blood (inspired by all those daytime TV programmes) - circle our aged heroes. Meantime the loan sharks demand their money with menaces - or the interest on the interest on the interest. But wait! Mungo has a plan and Ethel has a shotgun. If only it had been the other way about.
Today the elderly can be bad-mouthed with impunity. Politicians blame all economic travails on them for living too long. Sadly some of the elderly have taken to believe this. Arise and skelp back!

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John Duignan and Ian Hopkins first joined forces thirty-six years ago and started their comedy writing career with ‘Not the Nine o'clock News'. Ian went on to write for Spitting Image and Naked Video.
Between them they have had three stage plays produced (Ian 3, John 1) and one novel published (John 1, Ian 0).
They also wrote jointly for two comedy radio shows.
This is their first collaboration to write a seriously comic novel where they have used their wealth of satirical comedy writing experience.
Currently they are writing (1) a sequel to SKELP (2) a comic novel that predicted twenty years ago the outcome of the Scottish referendum and the 2015 election result (though they cannot find the bookie's slip that would be their salvation...) plus (3) a seriously political screenplay.


John Duignan and Ian Hopkins on Skelp the Aged


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