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Iron Pants

Elaine Meyers

Iron was in her blood and made her orphan-strong. No one could take her family without a battle. When her mother died, Josephine heard a new voice. She called this voice Iron Pants.

Set in rural Appalachia, the Duke sisters are orphaned when tuberculosis takes their mother's life. When adults separate the sisters, two for adoption and two for an orphanage, ten-year-old Josephine finds her Iron Pants. Using her newfound strength and storytelling ability, she transforms the lives of an Asheville doctor and his wife before reuniting with her sisters in the orphanage. A unique orphanage experience awaits the four sisters who encounter brilliant teachers and staff who understand the importance of an education that builds family, strength, and knowledge.

The story is enhanced by the voices of an adult Josephine and her daughter, who reflect on the wars, education, healthcare and poverty experienced by the family between the two World Wars.

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Elaine Meyers has worked with books and stories as a librarian, storyteller and writer. She lives in Upstate New York with her husband and continues to tell stories and share books with her four grandchildren and local students. Iron Pants is a fictionalized account of her mother's life.