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A Year Without Beer

Geoff Gibson

He was overweight, barely able to surf, in chronic pain and in the doghouse... A Year Without Beer is the journey of a man standing at the crossroads. The choice was to be this person for the foreseeable future or to change habits, the habit being drinking way too much, way too often.

Written in real time over a three-year period, this is the journey of failure, heartache, hope and hard work into a seemingly impossible goal of achieving three hundred and sixty-five days of sobriety in order to get a life back.

A Year Without Beer is a collection of funny stories, tips and tricks to cut back or give up, all whilst still maintaining a social life and contact with friends and family that don't mind a drink. Or three.

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Geoff was born in Singapore to an ex-military, oilfield father who grew up in Africa (Zimbabwe) and a Kiwi mother who worked in finance. Not wanting to raise an expat brat, the Gibsons settled in Perth, Australia in a small town which was at that stage on the outskirts of the city. Geoff was raised not of Aussie rules football, cricket and nippers but on surfing and skateboarding where the lifelong passion grew.

After working in gyms in his late teens, in his early twenties the oilfield called, and off he went to follow the travelling life of his father and became very proud, second-generation, oilfield trash. From the tools to the office, the career was formed, and success followed.

Now in his forties, the passion for surfing and skating is stronger than ever and has begun a career in preventative mental health for transient workers as well as public speaking. As he states at the beginning of his talks, he is quite immature for his age and swears a lot.