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Silly Snuggle Sonata and other Fairy Tales

Francesca Lucia Edwards

Dear Children,
Come with me. Before the sunrises and before the crows begin to shout, come with me to a land of fairy tales. We can ride on horseback past seaside villages on a magical horse, talk to a happy blue wren, have a surprising picnic and then wonder in giggles about how my parents ever fell in love. We can ‘not discuss' why we don't like eating green peas, we can sit on the edge of our seat as we wait to see if our new marsupial and amphibian friends survive invasion and then we can bask in the sparkle of my friend little Lucia's luminous and very ‘lucky' sunflower.
Please come with me.
Your friend,
Francesca Lucia Edwards.

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Francesca Lucia Edwards is an Illustrator, Designer and Author. Francesca initially completed her qualifications in
classical music with a major in voice but after starting a family she then discovered illustration and writing children's stories. When Francesca's two young children began school she opened her own artist studio ‘Edward & Lucia' while also studying design at university. Silly Snuggle Sonata and other Fairy Tales is her first published children's book.