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The Sae Scroll Prophecies

Greig Miller

The imprisonment of a child, now a man, has kept an uneasy peace between the four ruling kingdoms. Synn has been held in captivity for thirty years, accused of the genocide of Sha'am with the Weapon of God.

Tellus fights to survive in the Slums. Alain struggles to carry the weight of responsibility that comes with being the firstborn son in his family. Adun tries to stop his foster son, Joh's imminent self-destruction.

The Sae Scrolls call Synn a prophet, but when he escapes his tower, peace is threatened and the kingdoms come together to seek both Synn and the Weapon of God. As the lines between truth, history and fable blur, the only question is: who is hero and who is villain?

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A driven and lively character, Greig Miller can often be found enjoying the wonderful UK countryside in his beloved Surrey village. Always obsessed with doing something creative, Greig spent his early years writing and playing music, performing up and down the country, before his knees started to creak and he turned his hand to creative writing. Since growing up with Japanese role-playing games in the 1990s, fantasy has been a genre close to the heart for Greig; his quirky unique take on it may just be that little something different you have been looking for.