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The Trouble With Beauty

Vikki Dark

Eden travels along the indulgent side of life: ego-fuelled patterns of sexual behavior derived from the dark empty void which resides deep within her being – although she, being young, and isolated in her own mind, doesn’t understand how to help herself.


Her unstable childhood, provoked by her jealous narcissistic mother, spreads like a plague into the mind of the girl whose insecure nature develops into an inflated sense of sexual entitlement. Eden’s debauched lifestyle and erotic preoccupations manifest into a career of striptease – and hustling rich men for thousands of pounds.


Decked out in the finest sexy lingerie with tumbling blonde curls sashaying down her back, combined with laced trimmed stockings and killer heels, Eden is a sexual magnet for the men who come out at night in their droves to the naked dance clubs: havens for the rich and sexually objectified. Her union with the sly busty nymphomaniac Paula sees an electric partnership that draws in the most generous of all, but also the darkest. Has Eden bitten off more than she can chew?

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Vikki Dark writes all about the hottest sexual situations you can imagine and ones that you possibly cannot. She is a former model who speaks from real experience, giving her a unique insight into the adult industry.


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