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Vikki Dark

A dark, affected theme runs through this collection of highly charged erotica. The fiction is told through the minds of disturbed affected girls, touched by the unscrupulous sex industry and the overall mindset before and after coming into contact with it. The fragmentation of the piece allows for breath and to branch from one situation to the next with no fixed connection but an overall picture can be drawn. Twenty-one short stories cover a variety of fetishes spanning from domination to pure unadulterated sensuality. The girls will take you into situations you might never visit but have maybe have met in your deepest darkest sex dreams. Overall a disturbing yet modern sexy piece highlighting today's sex industry mixed into themes of human fragility.

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Vikki Dark writes all about the hottest sexual situations you can imagine and ones that you possibly cannot. She is a former model who speaks from real experience, giving her a unique insight into the adult industry.


Feminisim, from an Ex-Glamour Model's Perspective

An Escort’s Take on Male Sexual Entitlement

Vikki Dark in conversation with Rebecca Dakin

The Sex Industry, Gonzo Porn and Me…