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A Far Reaching Thing: Tales of Healing With Therapeutic Touch

Annie Hallett

Although its roots are in ancient ideas about healing, Therapeutic Touch is a relatively young practice. Its intention as a therapy is to promote healing and to reduce pain and anxiety.
As the author relates her experiences as a Therapeutic Touch practitioner working alongside medical professionals in hospitals and hospices, and delves into much of the history and many of the theories behind its use as a complementary therapy, its benefits as a practice become evident.
Not just an aid in palliative care, Therapeutic Touch can also be helpful in alleviating the pains and worries of everyday life. As a method for discerning a patient's energy fields and non-invasively bringing relief to all kinds of people, Therapeutic Touch can also bring about a sense of well-being and achievement for the practitioner themselves. This collection of experiential evidence is invaluable for anyone looking to practise this art.

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Annie Hallett has a background in Nursing, Counselling, Complementary Therapies and Healing. In 1993, she started one of the first Counselling and Complementary Therapy services within an NHS Cancer Unit in the UK, which is when she became interested in Healing. She has studied various traditions of Healing, Shamanism and Reiki, but it is the interpretation of Healing through Therapeutic Touch, which has had the most influence on her work. She has studied Therapeutic Touch with its founder Dolores Krieger, both in Australia and in the United States and with Jean Sayre Adams who first introduced it to the UK.