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Elads Fables: Dahlia The Dragon

Dale Niles

Dahlia the dragon was green, young and strong.
He was happy with life, there one was just one thing wrong.
All the other young dragons laughed and made song,
Of how Dahlia the dragon was somehow named wrong.

What would you do if you were a big strong dragon and all your dragon friends made fun of you?
Dahlia thought he knew what to do. Fight. The twist is in whom he must fight.
A funny story that starts with Dahlia's quest to prove something, however in the process he finds that proving a point is not always required. Sometimes it is just how you look at things that will make the difference between shame and self-respect.

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Dale lives in the beautiful Fraser Valley in beautiful British Columbia. Did he mention it is beautiful there? He likes to spend long periods of time in the local woods and forest, which is a good thing because he is usually lost, unless he is with his wife who is part homing pigeon. He has two grown sons whom he has taught the life saving skills of always being prepared for the unknown by taking them down paths unknown... and getting lost. When not lost in the woods you can find him wandering the banks of the river probably heading in the wrong direction.