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The Secrets of Wilderfort Castle

Jessica Jayne Webb

Agatha Wilderfort has spent years trying to build a life in the city outside of the sleepy town where her aunt raised her, but is pulled back home when her aunt's sudden death leaves their family manor in Agatha's hands. She arrives to find the castle in grave need of repair and a local nobleman, Lord Caspian, sniffing around, clearly eager to get his hands on her inheritance. She hires several workmen and an assistant who knew her aunt and they start on the renovations.
But Agatha's aunt wasn't just a well-off spinster... she was the guardian of a world that has been hidden from Agatha until now, and Agatha's inherited that responsibility, too. Unprepared, but ready to do her duty, Agatha learns about the dangers lurking in the background and her own history. Lord Caspian has sinister plans for her and her home, but fortunately for Agatha, she's not alone. Learning of worlds more than just her own, her crew and her assistant, a handsome man who's more than he appears, is there to help. Will they be able to stand against the darkness that Lord Caspian wants to unleash and find happiness together?

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I prefer Jessie but I am one of many; I am a mother, a daughter, a lover and a friend.
Simply put, I am just Jess, no more no less.
I write this not only to prove to myself I can do it, but for my sons.
No matter what the journey brings or provides you, if you want to be something or do something, you are the only one that can give you your future.