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The Poems Of A Butterfly Geisha

Elizabeth Ann

These are beautiful, original poems and are a glimpse into the relationships between
mankind. How he feels and how he relates to each other and the emotions and tribulations
he goes through are mirrored here. There are also poems about the carbon footprint of man,
highlighting the ecological crisis which affects all of us and future generations to come.
This book will take you away inside a special place in your imagination, a secret garden,
where you will find solace and a fantasy realm and a way to relax and sooth the mind.

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My name is Elizabeth Ann. My first love is people - they make the world go round. My second is poetry writing. As far back as I can remember, the first ever poem I read was Tiger Tiger Burning Bright in primary school! I wrote my second ever poem in about 2004 and everyone I know said, Elizabeth, that's brilliant! I started writing seriously in the COVID-19 lockdown and this is when my words and imagination came alive. I write about anything and everything, and am inspired by nature or even a performance on Britain's Got Talent!