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South Coast Son

Claire Merchant

You would think that living in a ‘castle’-like house, being waited on hand and foot and being the best player in minor league football with the potential of signing to major league, would be every university student’s idea of heaven. Not in the case of Samuel Saber.


Between the scandals and bad publicity involving his father, to the complication that is his love life, Sam Saber’s life is far from the blissful content you would be led to believe.


Sam is a simple guy with only a couple of ambitions, so why is it turning out to be so hard to achieve them? Sam begins his journey of a few life lessons and a series of unexpected turns of events with the break up with his year-long girlfriend. Sam soon starts to realise that a name can be a hindrance and that people are not always who he originally thought them to be.

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Claire Merchant is an author from Western Australia. She began writing in high school as a means of commenting on her surroundings, which soon developed into a passion for storytelling and character building.


Claire attended university to study English Literature, Communications and Education, and has used skills she learnt, along with personal experiences, to help her in her writing.


She has written several stories surrounding the residents of the fictional South Coast, in themes ranging from fantasy and supernatural fiction, to adventure, action, drama and romance.


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