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Mistry by Moonlight

Claire Merchant

After a year in Europe, Taylor Mistry returns to South Coast a changed woman inside and out.

While some people barely recognise the person they have known for years, similarly Taylor doesn’t recognise herself, finding it difficult to fit back into her old life.

The once overweight young woman who felt invisible to everyone is suddenly getting attention from all sides: an old infatuation and a mysterious stranger are vying for her attention, while the handsome man who quickly stole her heart back in Italy is still in her thoughts.

Life seems more complicated than ever, but Taylor is soon to find out that it’s worse than even she realises. Her life is in danger but she’s not sure why. Are her suitors more than they appear? And does it all have something to do with an act of kindness towards an injured wolf?

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Claire Merchant is an author from Western Australia. She began writing in high school as a means of commenting on her surroundings, which soon developed into a passion for storytelling and character building.


Claire attended university to study English Literature, Communications and Education, and has used skills she learnt, along with personal experiences, to help her in her writing.


She has written several stories surrounding the residents of the fictional South Coast, in themes ranging from fantasy and supernatural fiction, to adventure, action, drama and romance.


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