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Mistry At Dawn

Claire Merchant

Continue the mystery of Taylor's supernatural life, as we discover answers to impossible questions about her fate as a screaming banshee.

Taylor Mistry yearns for understanding to control her curse and continue to protect Harper, the love of her life. Both share the burden of living their life according to the lunar calendar. With each full moon Taylor turns into a screaming white woman who guides other supernaturals into the afterlife, whilst Harper transforms into a dangerous werewolf. Both supernatural creatures reach out to those around them in South Coast to find answers - for with knowledge comes power but it seems it is also followed by life altering danger. Although Taylor is beginning to accept her fate, the twenty-two year old is faced with her own mortality sooner than anyone ever imagined.

Revenge is a powerful weapon, sometimes more powerful than the strongest of loves. Will such a love be enough to keep Taylor and her supernatural companions out of harm's way? Or will she have to make the ultimate sacrifice to keep them all safe?

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Claire Merchant is an author from Western Australia. She began writing in high school as a means of commenting on her surroundings, which soon developed into a passion for storytelling and character building.


Claire attended university to study English Literature, Communications and Education, and has used skills she learnt, along with personal experiences, to help her in her writing.


She has written several stories surrounding the residents of the fictional South Coast, in themes ranging from fantasy and supernatural fiction, to adventure, action, drama and romance.


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