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  • Freddie Goes Back to School

    Emma Toomey

    Freddie Windsor is a police horse in London. In this book, Freddie tells his story about what happens when he goes back to Police Horse training school. Emma Toomey's love of horses and integration of this with her job as a mounted police officer is an ideal way of encouraging children to take an interest in both of these areas. Most children when encountering a horse close up have a natur


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  • Pendle the Police Horse

    David Palmer Davies

    Pendle the Police Horse is a delightful story about a foal who spends his time daydreaming about what he should be when he grows up. He looks to his other horse friends for answers ; such as ‘Rocket’ the race horse, ‘James’ the hunting horse and ‘Fred’ who pulls a plough for a living. Fate lends a hand and the other horses all realize what Pendle should do before even he does an


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  • Freddie Changes The Guard at Buckingham Palace

    Emma Toomey

    Freddie Windsor is a Police Horse in London.   In this book Freddie tells the story of his day as he escorts the soldiers Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace.


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