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Time Passages

M.J. Dermott

Young teenagers Archie and Gus can't believe their luck when they are cast as extras in a huge film production in the Cathedral.


But their dreams quickly take a sinister turn when they come face to face with infamous characters from the past, plunging them into a perilous hunt for King Edward II's royal jewels - and a dangerous game of fate and consequence. On the run from the enemy, the prospect of being burned at the stake suddenly becomes very real...


Time Passages is a tale of time travel with a twist! As the boys discover the secrets of the Cathedral in 1651, they unravel mysteries that are a lot closer to home than they thought.

Paperback  |   Hardback   |   eBook


M. J. Dermott was brought up on a diet of outdoor adventure, reading and extensive travel. She changed address so frequently and in so many different countries, that her friends were convinced she was an international spy.


After nearly forty years of her real job in nursing and health visiting, she has retired to concentrate on a long-held ambition to write for older children, in the strong belief that the only limitation to a child's personal growth is his capacity to read, and to imagine.


She now lives in Gloucestershire with her husband and two grown-up children.