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Might As Well Be Me

Shane Stark

As Australian vinyl record dealer Shane Stark approached fifty, he didn't think much of his humble and uneventful life thus far. Harbouring a mild level of grief for the rock star, father, partner and career man he could have been, he found it hard to think of the life he had lived to date as anything other than ‘ordinary'.

But then one day he sat and pondered on all the records he had enjoyed (indeed obsessed over) over the last fifty years. He began to recall moments from his unconventional life attached to those records; some quite bizarre, many outright hilarious! As Shane dwelled on each record, and his ageing synapses started wiring and firing, those moments turned into pocket sized stories; each representing a stage or event in a life that, even he now has to admit, has been anything other than ‘ordinary'. Enjoy!

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Shane Stark has made a career out of not having a career. Despite an early obsession with the bass guitar, he never made it to rock star, unless you count making it to the Australian Air Guitar finals two years running. Seriously. Among other vocations, he has been a stock boy, bartender, bush regenerator, semi-professional poker player, government pen pusher and (not very) Able Seaman in the Royal Australian Navy. He has also tried his hand at acting and stand-up comedy. He currently owns and runs a small vinyl record shop in Canberra, Australia. His family and friends have bugged him for ages to write a book. He hopes this first attempt will keep them happy.