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C.T. Sullivan

When Chris accompanies his wife Deborah on her secondment to her New York office, it heralds ninety-one days of joy, frustrations and craziness.

As he uncovers this amazing city's history of surprises and seedy secrets, join him in his many adventures, from dicing with death in an elevator, entertaining a wacky wedding party and having a set-to with a mad traffic cop, to Deborah being arrested by airport security in Toronto.

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C.T. Sullivan lives in Surrey with his wife, Deborah, and golden Labrador, Woof. A twenty-five-year career as a foreign exchange broker in the City was followed by spells as a lorry driver, landscape gardener, pub singer, film extra and musical comedy entertainer whilst learning his craft as an author.

He began writing poems and short stories from the age of ten, shortly after the death of his mother. His love of the written word is equal only to his passion for music, sport and humour.

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