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The Most Curious Case of the Runaway Spoon

Tony Flannagan

Read by Josephine Hall


Amelia wakes to find a note behind the little green door.




What could it mean? Amelia had received hundreds of fairy letters over the years - but not recently - and this note hasn't even been signed.


Amelia has been summoned to Fursairyland: a magical place where the childhood worlds of Fairyland and Land of Nursery Rhymes have merged due to Government cuts and a lack of interest in such things.


Fursairyland is in crisis: the Spoon has run away and the Dish is ‘un-missing'.


Amelia is tasked to solve The Most Curious Case of the Runaway Spoon and the Fairy Queen is expecting her to bring about a swift resolution to the matter.


With Pippa at her side, Amelia searches for clues and meets a whole host of fantastical characters along the way.


But Amelia struggles to make any sense of what the Fursairyland folk are telling her. Why do they keep saying to each other: ‘Mind You Remember Dorothy'? And what is the ‘smell akin to bacon' which they constantly refer to?


As she travels through a kingdom of nonsense can Amelia ever hope to solve... The Most Curious Case of the Runaway Spoon?

Publication date: 04/12/2017  |   Duration: 5 hours


Tony Flannagan was born in Portsmouth.

He has written many articles on horse racing for Racing Ahead magazine and he is the author of The Larkspur Method - A Guide to Better Betting, published by Raceform.

He lives in Hampshire with his wife and children, together with their Golden Retriever, Bertie.

This is his first children's novel.