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The Enchanted Carousel

Shari Penny

Chloe is not happy. Why must she be carted off to spend two weeks of her precious vacation in an ancient house with her grandmother Crystal, when there are so many fun things she could be doing with her friends?


She is forbidden to go up in the attic - but so what? Chloe is going up there whatever her grandma says.


Among the ancient treasures in the attic, Chloe finds an old journal. It's not long before she is caught up in the story of Crystal and Matt as they try to reunite the restless spirit of a young girl with her father. To do this, they must follow the clues to find the enchanted carousel with the help of some unusual characters.


She is entranced by the enchanting tale, but is it a story or can it possibly be true? Chloe will soon find out - and along the way she will learn something about the magic of friendship and the bonds of family love...

Publication date: 14/02/2020  |   Duration:


Shari Penny began a career that has spanned over 60 years as an entertainer, traveling all over the U.S. and Europe. She has hosted two television shows and found that her horizon had extended beyond what she could ever imagine. Her grandmother's stories proved to be a good source for the foundation of this novel.


Shari has two talented sisters, a brother who has passed, three amazing children, a large extended family and is a proud grandmother and great-grandmother. She is now working on a second novel, always focusing on love of family and positive moral lessons.