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The Carolina Gold Highway

Travis Leonard

Read by Travis Leonard


A fascinating story about a slave plantation in the middle of nowhere, completely cut off from the modern world, where slavery has been practised since the American Civil War.


Avery Pine, an American college student, writes his final exam, followed by a "big blowout party". After being dumped by his online girlfriend who he is on his way to visit for the first time, he goes into a Blues bar to drown his sorrows, chats up an attractive girl, blacks-out and wakes up half-dead in a swamp. Miraculously, he finds his way out of the swamp, only to be captured by one of the slavers and forced into slavery.


A great adventure story with fascinating overtones regarding the philosophical outlook of slave owners, as well as exploring how generations of slaves remain positive in the face of extreme cruelty and deprivation. Can Avery rescue them and himself? Or will he fail?

Publication date: 06/06/2018  |   Duration: 3 hours and 49 mins


Travis Leonard was born and raised in Mahomet, Illinois. After high school, Travis attended the University of California, Santa Barbara and the University of Illinois on an athletic scholarship. Outside of athletics, Travis enjoyed music and followed that passion to Los Angeles where he currently resides. After being featured on popular tours and landing a song in a mainstream video game, Travis was signed to a worldwide record deal. He has travelled the world playing sold out shows from New York to Taipei. Most likely due to his love of entertainment, Travis is also a professional actor and commercial model.