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Stolen Secrets

Rachael Lindsay

As greedy Doctor Klumpet and crafty Mister Scarab go about their business, they have no idea that they are being followed by a green floppy hat, a weather-stick, and a small nightingale. It is only when the Big People recover – surprisingly well – that they realise a tree-troll has been paying visits too.


Finnr is a talented medicine-maker. He knows which herbs and flowers to mix together; which seeds and leaves to collect. His notebook is a precious record of a lifetime's work and if lost, could never, ever be replaced.


But Doctor Klumpet is furious!


And Mister Scarab has a plan...


How can the tree-troll protect all that is dear to him?


Will he ever feel safe again?

Publication date: 10/04/2019  |   Duration:


I used to teach all ages - for ages - but it became too serious and rather sensible... I prefer walking my three pygmy goats on leads, feeding them with blackberry brambles and acorns. And making my cats sing. Don't you just love stamping in frozen puddles? The windy top of a high hill? The smell of a garden bonfire? Have you tried eating strawberries with white pepper? And sucking snapped off icicles? Do you love the moon on a deep black night? And rainbow bubbles? I do. Do you love listening to, reading or writing stories? Wonderful! So do I.