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Margareth Ralph and Jerry Seventeen

Read by George Kuch


Kevin Ross, a brilliant surgeon, and his family are kidnapped and taken, along with other families, to an island. Their home is luxurious and the remote location is idyllic. Kevin is given a laboratory in which he can concentrate on his research into a serum which will allow human beings to utilise more of their brain and so allow them to improve their lives.


The inhabitants are, however, subjected to continuous surveillance by guards or cameras which record everything, including intimate moments in their own homes. Communication with others is not allowed. Kevin realises that there is an evil purpose to it all.


Kevin is determined to escape, along with all the other families, and thwart Gustav, the island's leader. But who is this Gustav? The answer shocks Kevin to the core.

Publication date: 13/09/2018  |   Duration: 7 hours and 42 minutes


Margareth Ralph

Margareth Ralph wanted to be an author since she learned to write an essay and pursued her dream until it unfolded. She writes from her heart and believes in sharing the knowledge bestowed on her from above. She loves to bring her country, South Africa, into any of her books. It is by a miracle that she met up with Jerry Seventeen and they co-authored to bring this book called 29 to the fore.


Jerry Seventeen

Being a mathematics teacher, I didn't think that I would become an author. This is my second book. My first being published in 2016 and this book being my first fiction. It has been a wonderful and learning experience that taught me never to say never. The experience connected to this book was profound. 29 was born as a dream and now became a reality. We're never too old to dream and never too old to learn that life's journey is a path like no other.