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The Warrior's Grandson: The Manninghams Trilogy

Cyril Cook

Let the Manningham family introduce themselves and, if you will indulge them, they would like to take you on a saga that spans three continents and three generations, holding a conversation with history with cocktails of love, class and conflict on land and sea, from the peaceful prairies of Canada to the wartime terrors of the Western Front.


For, unbeknown to the Manninghams, fate has worse things in store than that photograph in The News of the World. Every day their world of privilege and comfort is sliding closer to the cliff-edge of war. Will their patrician sense of duty be enough to see them through dangers as deep as U-boats and as dark as Africa? How can love compete with death in the fields of Flanders?


Let the Manninghams invite you in as Victorians and bow out as Edwardians, and share their laughter and their grief.


Be their guest.

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Cyril Cook was born in Easton, Hampshire, but at the age of five was brought to live on a farm in Mottingham, Kent. Educated at Eltham College, he matriculated in 1939, joined the Rifle Brigade in 1940, and was commissioned and transferred to the parachute regiment in 1943. He saw considerable service in the 6th Airborne Division in Europe and the Far East where for a period he commanded at the age of 22, a company of some 220 men of the Malay Regiment.His working life was spent mainly as the proprietor of an engineering business which he founded, until he retired to start the really serious business of writing the six volumes of the Chandlers and other works listed herein.