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The How To Do Stuff (Right) Book

Glen P. Aylward

In this humorous look at everyday life, psychologist Dr. Wayward explains how to deal with everyday situations using findings from his extensive (and field-tested) research. Learn how to do stuff (the right way) with Dr Wayward's expert advice on everything from wine tasting and buying a car to raising toddlers and maintaining the perfect garden lawn that's sure to impress those neighbors when they peek out from behind the curtains.


Witty, smart and full of laughs, The How to Do Stuff (Right) Book will teach you to survive the modern world and its pitfalls, whether you're a technology-savvy Millennial keen on growing the perfect bonsai, or a Baby Boomer struggling to keep up with the advances of the twenty-first century.

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Glen Aylward is a psychologist who has observed peoples' behaviors in a variety of situations for almost forty years, both professionally and otherwise. Aylward has written more than one hundred professional articles, chapters, and three technical books. He changed direction to writing humor in Not the Waltons: The Making of a Boomer (2013), in which fictitious patient encounters were related to personal experiences that occurred while he was growing up in the 50s and 60s. His approach to potentially nerve-wracking situations, namely viewing them from a humorous perspective, continues in The How to Do Stuff (Right) Book, Uncommon ‘Advice' for Common Situations.